The City Council hopes to snuff out shootings in some of the city’s deadliest precincts by pouring $4.8 million into innovative anti-gun violence programs there, including one in the South Bronx that will hire former gang members to break up neighborhood beefs before they turn bloody, New York has learned.

Before a Frenchman castigates and puts down the Bronx, he should visit the place and see that it’s not as bad as he thinks

In the aftermath of a shooting that killed two people and wounded five others in a nightclub in the northern French city of Lille, a witness named Jeremy told local reporters, “It’s disgusting, this isn’t the Bronx.”

That comment — a reference to the long-maligned borough of New York City — underlined not only ignorance, but a deep-seated prejudice toward urban American landscapes by many foreigners.

He could have said the South Side of Chicago or South Central Los Angeles or perhaps Miami, but he picked the Bronx.

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